M.Hajji Ahmed

M.Hajji Ahmed is a poet cum author born in Somalia who grew up in South Africa. His dynamic nature for the work of art has seen his appear in plays like "Siyaasada Maanta", Neighbors and "A crack in the sky". Ahmed's desire to change the narrative about Africans inspired and led to the establishment of the first Somali comic book company named "Bahdoon Comics" and Bahdoon Entertainment LLC which are a part of his lifetime goals.

In 2015, he left Africa for America wich nursed a motive to preserve Somali culture and heritage and pave the way for the generation unborn by publishing Bahdoon Comics because his generation and the ones before have always been misrepresented and misquoted. Ahmed connects the dots both forward and back with his creative deft that makes him second to none even though the Somali civil war that lasted for thrity years has left a negative mark on Somali's poetic creativity......read more

Client Reviews

As Somalis we have found lot of prosperity in US and other western countries at the same time there are lot of draw backs. Such draw backs include our children not having images, toys and stories that they can relate to both culturally and religiously, That is why Hajji's work is so important.

Mohamed Awliyo

Mohamed hajji is pioneering to empower and inspire our children. Many of us know how powerful creative arts are in inspiring communities. Especially impressionable children.

Ifah Hashi

I appreciate the work Mr.Hajji is doing not many people have the same mental drive, tenacity and the willingness to do something big for their community like him.

Mohamed Dini